tgs events

The Greatest Save Kids Safety Events are FREE to participating families and are held at community festivals, MLB games, family attractions, and other family-friendly venues.

1. Children and teens are recorded on the free age appropriate personal safety TGS DVD which are the K.I.N.D.I. (Kids In Need of Developing Instincts) for pre-school and early elementary, Little Red Said Music Video for upper elementary, Big League Interview for pre-teens and teens.

2. Families take the free TGS video with them to use in their home which enables parents of small children to instruct their children on circumstances to avoid and to reinforce ways to protect them from harm.



3. State and local police agencies and local fire departments are invited to participate as part of this valuable crime prevention/safety information program.


The Greatest Save Celebrity Benefits  are major multiple day community activities that raise awareness to the issue of and prevention of child molestation, abduction and human trafficking while celebrating the community with Law Enforcement Awards and Teen PSA Program Awards.  These Benefits also serve to raise  funding for the KinderVision Foundation  and The Greatest Save Programs and include a TGS Youth Clinics, TGS Celebrity Awards Banquet, Celebrity Golf Tournament and is some locations The Greatest Save Hall of Fame Celebrity Baseball or Softball Games.

Check “In Your Area” and “TGS Celebrity Experience” for area TGS Events and Benefits.





Remember to pay attention to your feelings, if you don't feel safe, you probably aren't.