TGS Classroom Materials are designed to assist children and teens in assessing risk by raising awareness with regard to personal safety. Crafted around guided class discussion and a variety of interactive, fun activities focused on personal safety, the lesson plans are student centered and teacher friendly and contain everything needed including visual aids so that even the most inexperienced instructor can teach the information successfully. Knowing it would be impossible to cover every conceivable circumstance that a predator could devise, the lessons were created to teach students to instinctively be more aware of their surroundings, avoid situations that put them at risk, recognize when they are at risk, and act quickly to avoid harm.

TGS Classroom Materials have been incorporated into the curriculum of many schools around the country both public and private, including those parochial schools wanting to meet “protecting God’s children” mandates. Additionally, they are used by law enforcement school resource officers and by youth serving organizations. TGS Classroom Materials are student-centered, teacher-friendly, and praised as a highly effective method for educating students K-12 on how to avoid becoming the victim of a sexual predator.

TGS Classroom Materials were created by Nancy Sebastian, Executive Director of the KinderVision Foundation and a former teacher, trainer, and school guidance counselor recognized for her work with children. These materials are easily adapted to meet most state educational standards, particularly in the areas of language arts and guidance.

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