KinderVision Foundation Mission:

KinderVision Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit community organization whose primary purpose is to provide children and teens and those who care for them personal safety education via a unique, pro-active multimedia program aimed at preventing abduction and sexual exploitation. Prevention through education has been the focus of KinderVision since 1991 and is accomplished through The Greatest Save (TGS) Programs using several methods including on site Kids Safety Events with age appropriate Safety Education DVDs (K.I.N.D.I., Little Red Said and Big League Interview) and The Greatest Save Safety Survey where parents and kids are tested on personal safety.  Also comprehensive on-line programs such as TGS Safety Quiz and TGS Classroom Materials, and on-line safety messages are all designed to be resources for families, law enforcement, schools and youth serving organizations. The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program is a valuable peer to peer teaching program to help protect teens from sexual predators that administered in conjunction with law enforcement through high schools.  The KinderVision Foundation is supported nationwide by law enforcement, and is funded through legislative, corporate, foundation, and  individual contributions.

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