The mission of the KinderVision Foundation is to empower children and teens through education to end sexual exploitation, victimization and human trafficking.




The Greatest Save IOS Digital Devices Parental Control Tutorial
A tutorial video for setting up parental controls in IOS Digital Devices to provide safe use of iPhones, iPads and tablets for children and teens. Watch this video to learn to limit who has digital access to your children and teens. Follow the easy to understand instructions and also limit internet, apps and conductibility to areas of digital danger. Produced in partnership with the Connecticut Digital Crime Lab.


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Do you know when your children are at risk? What is risk and how do you manage it? For help answering those questions and for great information in print and video from some of the nation’s leading experts on the subject of victimization.  Click here

Also, be sure to check out the resources on this webpage:

1.  Have your kids take the age appropriate The Greatest Save Safety Quiz to test and measure how much they know about their own personal safety.

2.  Visit the appropriate What All Kids Should Know for their age group and follow the recommended steps to do as much as you can to insure your children’s safety.  Kids need more than a conversation.  Role play with them and teach them to recognize behaviors and circumstances that put them at risk.

3.  Check out “How Safe Is Your Neighborhood” to see what dangers might be down the street or a few blocks away.  Also, remember that those listed there are the one’s that have been caught and the transient nature of this criminal behavior makes it nearly impossible to know everyone.

4.  Be prepared, not scared. Education empowers-as shown in the video above.  Knowing what to do instinctively can save your child’s live, as the above video shows.  Take the time to empower your children by giving them the knowledge they need to stay safe – because The Greatest Save is the one we never have to make!

The Greatest Save Challenge, “a survey for parents that want to know”. National results of this family activity that is conducted as part of our on-site TGS Kids Safety Event and available on The Greatest Save Mobile App shows the need for focusing on educating children and teens.  The Challenge consists of three age appropriate safety questions for children 6 & Under, kids ages 7-12, for teens and for parents. Results for correct answers in this survey are as follows:  6 & Under: 72%, 7-12: 77%, Teens: 76%: Parents: 48%











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