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Follow these steps for staying safe!

1. TAKE THE QUIZ for 7 to 12 year olds to see what you know and don’t know about being safe. Click Here!

2. WATCH the KinderVision/The Greatest Save video to be smart and safe, especially Chapter 4!  Click Here!

3. CHECK OUT the classroom safety activities.

Upper elementary, grades 3-5, fun safety lessons and activities that make you really smart and really safe!  Click Here!

Click here for PowerPoint presentation.

Middle school, grades 6-8, mock trial and service learning activities that help you remember the safety tips!   Click Here!

4. TAKE THE QUIZ AGAIN! Just to be sure you know it all! Click Here!

5. SHARE what you’ve learned with your friends!




Miami Marlins All-Star Josh Johnson pitching internet safety. click here

Hear from U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Jenny Finch about being smart and safe! click here



















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